State Emergency Management Priorities

The State Emergency Management Priorities provide clear direction on the factors that are required to be considered and actioned during response to any emergency. The intent is to minimise the impacts of emergencies and enable affected communities to focus on their recovery as early as practicable.

The following State Emergency Management Priorities underpin the planning and operational decisions made when managing the response to emergencies.

The State Emergency Management Priorities are:

  • Protection and preservation of life is paramount. This includes
    • Safety of emergency services personnel; and
    • Safety of community members including vulnerable community members and visitors/tourists located within the incident area
  • Issuing of community information and community warnings detailing incident information that is timely, relevant and tailored to assist community members make informed decisions about their safety
  • Protection of critical infrastructure and community assets that supports community resilience
  • Protection of residential property as a place of primary residence
  • Protection of assets supporting individual livelihoods and economic production that supports individual and community financial sustainability
  • Protection of environmental and conservation assets that considers the cultural, biodiversity and social values of the environment.