Emergency Management Planning Resource Library

This resource library is compiled from a variety of sources including material generally available on the public record, reputable specialist sources and original material. Care has been taken wherever possible to verify accuracy and reliability; however, the material does not provide professional advice. No warranty is provided nor, to the extent lawful, liability accepted for loss resulting from reliance on the contents of this guide or from its use. Readers should apply their own skill and judgment when using the information contained herein.

This Resource Library contains useful resources to inform emergency management planning for the State level. In time, it will be updated to include specific resources for use in developing emergency management plans at regional and municipal levels.

While use of the resources in the Resource Library is not mandatory (except if specified), its resources are provided to assist planning. Those preparing emergency management plans may wish to use other tools and resources to achieve planning objectives.

The Resource Library is expected to develop over time and is managed by Emergency Management Victoria. You are encouraged to provide suggestions for and feedback to the Resource Library via emergencyplanning@emv.vic.gov.au (External link).

Have you used other resources that would be useful to include in this Resource Library? Provide suggestions for and feedback to the toolkit to emergencyplanning@emv.vic.gov.au (External link)