Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) - For events post 1 November 2018

From 1 December 2019, responsibility for Victoria’s administration of the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements moved from the Department of Treasury and Finance to Emergency Management Victoria.  There have been no changes to the processes for submitting or finalising claims. The team can be contacted on ndfa@emv.vic.gov.au (External link) for further information.

A copy of the DRFA can be found on the Disaster Assist (External link)website.

Victoria has developed documents that align to the DRFA guidelines issued by the Commonwealth Government. The documents provide assistance in seeking reimbursement for essential public asset reconstruction works (Category B) with the examples focusing on local government infrastructure.

The documents also reference tools, forms and templates are to be used to ensure provision of appropriate information required by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments to assess the claims.

The documents are subject to updates on a regular basis. Please make sure you are using the latest version of the documents.

Process overview maps

PM-1 Victorian DRFA claims management process map


GL-1 Victorian DRFA Guideline 1 - Claims and Eligibility 

GL-2 Victorian DRFA Guideline 2 - Damage Assessment 

GL-3 Victorian DRFA Guideline 3 - Cost Estimation

GL-4 Claims and eligibility for relief and recovery activities and counter disaster operations – Category A,B (limited to counter disaster operations), C and D


FW-1 Victorian DRFA Assurance Framework 

FW-2 Victorian DRFA Controls Framework

FW-3 Assessoring Authority Validation Process - Emergency Works

FW-4 Assessing Authority Validation Process - Essential Public Asset Reconstruction Works

FW-5 Assessing Authority Validation Process - Immediate Works

FW-6 Assessing Authority Validation Process – Counter Disaster Operations

FW-7 Assessing Authority Validation Process – Relief and Recovery Works

Fact sheets

FS-1 Victorian DRFA Fact Sheet 1 - Claims and Eligibility

FS-2 Victorian DRFA Fact Sheet 2 - Damage Assessment 

FS-3 Victorian DRFA Fact Sheet 3 - Cost Estimation

FS-4 Claims and eligibility for relief and recovery activities and counter disaster operations – Category A,B (limited to counter disaster operations), C and D

Forms and other documents

FD-1 Notification of Event Form

FD-2 DRFA Document Map

FD-3 Victorian DRFA Cost Estimation Tool

FD-4 Victorian DRFA Claim Forms A B C C2 D


Examples of completed DRFA forms

Essential Public Asset Restoration Works Certified Estimate Example

Declaration Form (V Form D-Dec) and Claim Form (V Form B-RW)

Signed CEO D-Dec form - Moorabool - Works Pkg 4 – REPA (PDF 778KB) (External link)

Signed Vicroads D-DEC and C-RW Forms - Moorabool - Works Pkg 4 (XLSX 214KB) (External link)

Example of a Cost Estimation Tool (Ballan Egerton Road)

Cost Estimation - Moorabool - Ballan Egerton Rd RDS00319 (XLSM 4.2MB) (External link)

Example of Pre-condition and Damage by Essential Public Asset (Ballan Egerton Road)

Pre-condition Asset Report - Moorabool - Ballan Egerton (ZIP 2.4MB) (External link)

Supporting documentation

Cover letter (PDF 605KB) (External link)

Job sheet (XLXS 18KB) (External link)


Natural disaster events and allowable time limits

Overview of eligible natural disaster events & allowable time limits to complete relief and recovery activities and submit claims through the NDFA scheme.