Learning Review looks into June 2021 extreme weather event

15 September 2021

Victoria experienced a severe weather event in June 2021, with strong winds and heavy rain resulting in flooding, fallen trees, damaged powerlines and outages, telecommunication outages and major damage to road networks.

This challenging emergency event significantly impacted communities across multiple geographic locations. A significant number of personnel from a wide range of agencies were also involved in the response to the event and recovery efforts, including government, business, industry and community groups.

Following this, a Learning Review has been established by Emergency Management Victoria (EMV), in collaboration with the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) to ensure lessons of state-wide multi-agency significance and aspects of particular interest to impacted communities (including areas of good practice and improvement opportunities) are identified, implemented, and shared across the emergency management sector and with impacted communities. The Learning Review will be based on Victoria’s Lessons Management Framework (EM-LEARN) (External link).

EMV is working together with Councils and Bushfire Recovery Victoria on the community focused components of the Learning Review. These include community debriefs and telephone interviews with a sample of community members in impacted areas. A report will be developed based on these activities and will include a summary of identified lessons, opportunities, concerns raised by the community and the relevant next steps will be released in a publicly available report.

For more information, please email sccvic.learn@scc.vic.gov.au (External link).