Submitting and accessing agenda items for the SEMPC, REMPCs and MEMPCs

State Emergency Management Planning Committee

For the State Emergency Management Planning committee’s paper templates, email (External link).

Papers are emailed to committee members approximately one week prior to each meeting.

Emergency Management Planning Committee

Anyone can submit items for Regional Emergency Management Planning Committee (REMPC) consideration.

Use this written report to the REMPC template to submit an agenda item. 

Documents relating to a REMPC’s agenda are available to members on the REMPC’s Microsoft Teams channel.  

Request access to the REMPC’s Microsoft Teams channel

Please select the relevant link below.

Note: this access requires an administrator to accept your request before access is granted. You will only be granted access if you have a legitimate connection with the REMPC. All other requests will be denied. 

If you use Microsoft Teams in your day-to-day work, you will need to switch into the VicGov ‘tenancy’ to access the REMPC’s Team.  

To do so, select your initials or photo in the top right of the Team’s screen (as pictured below) and then select ‘VicGov’.  

Note: you will only need to do this/have access to this drop down if you already belong to another tenancy that is not the VicGov tenancy. 

Figure 4: Teams tenancy setting location

Image description: Screenshot image of the Teams tenancy setting location.

Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee

The Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) agenda items are submitted and stored as determined by each MEMPC.