Emergency Management Diversity and Inclusion

Research continually shows that diverse and inclusive organisations and industries are higher-performers, more innovative, and adapt better to change. 

Victoria’s communities are diverse. More than 27% of Victoria’s population speak a language other than English at home and 30% were born overseas.  

People’s lives depend on the emergency management sector being able to communicate clearly, quickly and effectively with all of Victoria’s diverse communities. The more diverse we are as a sector, the more capable we are of achieving this.

Improving diversity and inclusion across the emergency management sector is critical to our success. We need to be open to new ideas so we can meet the challenges of the future, make better decisions, and be the best that we can be.

Our organisations need to better reflect our community and be safe and welcoming places where everyone can realise their full potential. We need to reach out to diverse groups within the community and listen to and understand how they can contribute to their safety and resilience.

What we mean by diversity and inclusion 

Diversity is all the ways we differ. Whether this is in relation to:

  • age
  • caring responsibilities
  • cultural background
  • disability
  • gender
  • sexual orientation
  • Indigenous background
  • profession
  • education
  • work experiences, or
  • professional identity. 

Inclusion is about creating an environment of involvement, respect and connection.

Everyone has a role to play to create a more respectful and inclusive environment. Change can be as simple as being open to new ideas, asking questions, listening to the answers and learning.

Emergency Management Diversity and Inclusion Framework 

Developed through Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) in conjunction with other Victorian Emergency Management departments and agencies, this Framework will guide the Victorian emergency management sector's actions for creating a diverse and inclusive sector and better connecting to all of Victoria’s diverse communities.

Together, the sector will identify the policy and practices that need to change to promote diversity and inclusion and introduce new measures to encourage a collaborative, respectful and open way of working.

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