Reviews and Lessons Management

Lessons management involves the identification and learning of lessons captured through assurance activities (including debriefing, monitoring and reviews) occurring before, during and after emergencies.

This process of moving from identifying to learning lessons is guided by the lessons management life cycle within the EM-LEARN Framework, which aims to provide a shared understanding of what lessons management means for the Victorian Emergency Management sector.  

Lessons management framework (EM-LEARN)

In November 2015, Victoria’s first sector-wide lessons management framework, EM-LEARN, was approved. This framework further supports the development of a culture of continuous improvement and outlines a model for lessons management and how it will be implemented into the sector, particularly operational activities initially.

Learning as One – Victoria’s page for lessons

In November 2015, Victoria’s lessons management framework was released. The framework established a model for lessons management, including a life cycle that defined cultural characteristics and lessons management process

Emergency Management Operational Reviews

The Emergency Management Operational Review is a summary of the operational activities undertaken by Victoria’s emergency management personnel.

Operational Reviews

The sector undertakes a range of assurance activities to identify lessons.