Emergency management capability in Victoria

A model to understand capability

A model to understand Victoria’s emergency management capability has been in use since 2015. It is based on the United States’ National Preparedness Goal (External link).

The emergency management capability model is made up of two parts, the Emergency Management Capability Blueprint 2015-2025, and the Victorian Preparedness Framework.

Emergency Management Capability Blueprint 2015-2025

The Victorian Emergency Management Capability Blueprint 2015-2025 outlines the current and desired future state for Victoria’s emergency management capability. The overall aim of the Blueprint is to have an effective emergency management capability across Victoria that can meet future needs.

Victorian Preparedness Framework

The Victorian Preparedness Framework (VPF) provides a practical methodology to develop capability targets, and the critical tasks required to achieve the core capabilities of those targets. It enables the emergency management sector to collectively work towards the desired future state for capability, as outlined in the Blueprint. This is underpinned by work that has been occurring within the sector and uses findings from the state emergency risk assessment to identify the major risks facing the state, determine overall preparedness and outline capability requirements.

The VPF sets out 21 core capabilities and their critical tasks as a foundation of the Victorian Preparedness Goal: “A safer and more resilient community that has the capabilities to withstand, plan for, respond to, and recover from emergencies that pose the greatest risk”.

This Framework is an established planning tool that can be used in a variety of ways across the state, regional, municipal, and community emergency management planning sectors. It provides a common approach supporting an integrated planning network, with clear terminology, and role transparency.

Learning and Development

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