Strategic Action Plan (SAP) 2022–25

To deliver on the emergency management priorities outlined in the Roadmap, we need a clear plan for action. This Roadmap is supported by a rolling 3-year Strategic Action Plan (SAP).

The SAP outlines who is doing what, and by when, to deliver on our priorities and create our vision of Safer and More Resilient Communities. We’ll update this every year, to ensure our actions address areas of greatest need and impact. Our priorities will be enduring for the lifetime of the Roadmap.

The SAP 2022–25 builds on extensive work already being undertaken by the emergency management sector to deliver on reviews and inquiries and lessons learned from recent emergencies. Some actions are unique to individual departments and agencies, while the majority will require collaboration. All actions are focused on the sector’s commitment to working as one and within our ‘all communities, all emergencies’ approach.

Strategic Action Plan priorities

  1. Work with Victorians to understand and reduce the risk of emergencies. 
  2. Strengthen our use of data, analytics and intelligence to improve decision making.
  3. Support communities to be prepared and recover well after emergencies.
  4. Build a sustainable emergency management workforce that represents the people it serves.
  5. Strengthen governance arrangements to improve accountability, cooperation and participation.

It is important to note that the priorities and actions in this Strategic Action Plan (SAP) are numbered so they are easier for people to refer to and discuss. The numbers do not imply a ranking or suggest that one action is more or less important than another. We have a lot to achieve at the same time.