Sector Outcomes Framework

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Measuring our impact

The emergency management sector brings together many organisations. The work we do together, outweighs the work we do separately.

The Victorian emergency management Sector Outcomes Framework (the Framework) translates our shared vision for Safer and More Resilient Communities into outcomes. It describes what we, as a sector, are collectively seeking to achieve and deliver for all Victorians. With communities at the centre, the Framework will guide reforms over the coming years. It sets out the change we want to see.

As partner documents, the Strategic Roadmap and Framework map a clear path – prioritising the areas of greatest demand and opportunity. As we move towards our next stage of outcome measurement and reporting, we will build a clearer understanding of how well our sector’s investment and actions are moving us in the right direction and making a difference.

The Framework is broad because it reflects the diversity and contribution of every player in Victorian emergency management. It includes all individuals and households, community groups and businesses, industry and levels of government. For example, when we talk about the ‘community’ or ‘Victorians’ we are using these terms in the broadest sense. When we refer to the ‘workforce’ it means personnel across all emergency phases, including both career and volunteer roles.

The Framework applies to:

  • all types, classes and phases of an emergency
  • considers all events – from floods and fires to health emergencies and cybersecurity incidents
  • reflects all stages – from planning and mitigation, through to response, relief and recovery.

This Framework is an important step towards measuring our combined impact, contribution and value. It’s our statement, our commitment – from the emergency management sector to Victorians – about how we will keep working towards Safer and More Resilient Communities.