Strategic Action Plan (SAP): Priority four

Build a sustainable emergency management workforce that represents the people it serves


1. Implement the Emergency Management Operating Model Review

This action will deliver the review of the operating model for emergency management readiness and incident management for Class 1 and 2 emergencies and plan the implementation of a range of proposals that seek to deliver a more secure, reliable, and efficient model for the ‘core’ of the emergency management workforce.

Delivery date: June 2023

Lead agency: Emergency Management Victoria (EMV)


2. Build a sustainable, agile, and capable State Control Centre (SCC) workforce

This action will ensure the State Control Centre (SCC) has the capability, capacity and resources to maintain a state of readiness and respond to keep Victorians safe. It includes delivery of a sustainable and dedicated 24/7 workforce that seamlessly integrates with surge workforce partners to deliver the best outcomes and meet the needs of the Victorian community.

Delivery date: June 2023

Lead agency: Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) with Departments and agencies 


3. Develop learning and development opportunities focusing on introductory and leadership capabilities that meet the needs of the EM workforce

This action will implement sector wide reform of emergency and incident management education, learning and development, and an exercising capability uplift. It will include a Learning Reform Action Plan (LRAP) that:

  • implements a Training and Education Masterplan X reviews Emergency Management Victoria Incident Management Team training and accreditation
  • provides emergency management training opportunities for council staff
  • develops role specific training for Municipal Recovery Managers and Municipal Emergency Management Officers.

Delivery date: 2027

Lead agency: Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) with Departments and agencies 


4. Implement the Aviation Strategic Action Plan

This action will clarify current emergency management aviation capability, responsibilities and governance arrangements. It will review and ensure a functioning safety management system and fit-for-purpose training and competency management. It will develop an outcomes-based Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Framework for aviation, and undertake a Capacity Planning and Strategic Capability Review

Delivery date: June 2024

Lead agency :Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA)/ Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) as required 


5. Develop and implement tangible activities in conjunction with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), councils and EMV to support and build council capacity and capability in emergency management

This action will see close collaboration with MAV and councils to develop and deliver tangible actions and guidance to support councils to undertake their emergency management responsibilities. Further work will be undertaken to streamline administrative burdens and scope opportunities to deliver tailored local government training for statutory emergency management roles.

Delivery date: June 2024

Lead agency: Department of Government Services (DGS)/ Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)


6. Foster a resilient and fit-for-purpose public health workforce that supports system resilience and sustainability, building on learnings from COVID-19

This action will deliver the Department of Health capability, capacity and resources to maintain a state of readiness and respond to all emergencies, particularly Class 2 public health emergencies, and an appropriately trained, diverse and multidisciplinary workforce that meets the needs of the Department of Health’s operational responsibilities.

Delivery date: 2025

Lead agency: Department of Health (DH)


7. Strengthen the culture and wellbeing across the workforce by improving diversity and tackling negative behaviours, and increasing collaboration between agencies

This action will deliver strengthened culture and wellbeing across the emergency management workforce through continued participation in the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Committee and its associated projects, and the Volunteer Committee, working to strengthen collaboration across our emergency services organisations.

Delivery date: 2025

Lead agency: Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) with Emergency service organisations (ESOs)


8. Support our volunteers with the training and equipment they need to keep our communities safe

This action will deliver:

  • a professional development program to strengthen capability, including training in floods, storms, landslides, incident management and leadership
  • condition assessments of VICSES facilities and priority maintenance
  • replacement vehicles including rescue trucks
  • support for volunteers dealing with complex people and behaviours.

Delivery date: June 2024 

Lead agency: Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES)