Strategic Action Plan (SAP) 2023–26

Victorian Government departments and agencies have identified actions on which they are collaborating in response to the emergency management sector’s overarching strategic priorities. These actions give the sector an opportunity to identify gaps in current processes and procedures, and work to ensure the gaps are improved.

The SAP builds on the extensive work across the sector to deliver on recommendations from reviews, inquiries, lessons learned from previous emergency events and operational reports. Many of the actions require collaboration across departments and agencies, highlighting the cooperation across the sector to meet common objectives for improvement.

The Roadmap sets out five strategic priorities to deliver the twelve sector outcomes and vision for safer and more resilient communities. The strategic priorities are:

  1. Work with Victorians to understand and reduce the risk of emergencies.
  2. Strengthen our use of data, analytics, and intelligence to improve decision making.
  3. Support communities to be prepared and recover well after emergencies.
  4. Build a sustainable emergency management workforce that represents the people it serves.
  5. Strengthen governance arrangements to improve accountability, cooperation, and participation.