Victoria’s emergency management sector is committed to working together to deliver its shared vision of safer and more resilient communities. The Strategic Action Plan (SAP) 2023-26 reinforces this commitment as it outlines the strategic actions that government departments and agencies will deliver over the next three years. Actions to keep Victorian communities safer and better able to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and natural disasters, including extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change. It contains strategic actions that the sector considers most critical, as well as information about who will be delivering these actions and by when.  

The SAP 2023-26: 

  • fulfills the requirement under the Emergency Management Act 2013, for the State Crisis and Resilience Council (SCRC) to develop a rolling three-year Strategic Action Plan in consultation with the emergency management sector, 
  • responds to findings from multiple reviews and inquiries, including from Victoria’s Inspector General for Emergency Management (IGEM), and   
  • provides assurance to Victorian communities that the emergency management sector is committed to continuous improvement and meaningful actions to support safer and more resilient communities.  

This SAP has been developed in-line with the recently released: 

  • Emergency Management Sector Outcomes Framework (the Framework), which describes the outcomes that the emergency management sector seeks to achieve over time, and
  • Safer and More Resilient Communities: Strategic Roadmap for Emergency Management in Victoria 2022-28 (the Roadmap), which describes how we will deliver on the sector outcomes. 

This SAP contains 42 actions that are aligned to the sector’s five strategic priorities and twelve outcomes, with the help of a newly introduced SAP Development Tool. By doing so, the SAP 2023-26 provides a clear and actionable plan for achieving the sector’s shared vision. By aligning our actions to our priorities and outcomes, we are better equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, while making the most effective use of our resources and delivering measurable outcomes together.