Implementation Monitoring of the SAP

SCRC is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the work programs in the SAP and ensuring that the Minister is regularly briefed on implementation progress. Departments and agencies that lead SAP actions are responsible for ensuring implementation, and for approving changes to SAP actions, including changes to scope, title, and schedule. The Emergency Management Act 2013 also requires the IGEM to monitor and report to the Minister on the implementation of the SAP (Section 64(1)(e)). 

A new approach to implementation monitoring was approved by SCRC in 2022, which aims to streamline monitoring and reporting, to allow for greater focus on implementation of work programs. This new approach continues to ensure that there are adequate levels of oversight by SCRC on the implementation of actions.  

Under the new arrangements and in accordance with the Strategic Action Plan Reporting Protocols for the SCRC, action leads are required to report on the progress of their actions in three ways: 

  1. All action leads are required to contribute to a simple report to SCRC that will be produced for each meeting, which will include a high-level status update of their action/s, allowing SCRC to raise any concerns or queries. The SCRC Secretariat will request the updates ahead of each SCRC meeting, using a form that SCRC endorsed in November 2022. 

  1. Action leads are encouraged to submit papers to SCRC on their actions at appropriate times in, to ensure SCRC members are adequately consulted during key junctures of implementation.  

  1. All action leads are required to report and provide evidence to IGEM for their annual implementation progress report.  

IGEM now monitors implementation on a financial year basis, aligning with the current budget cycle.