Approach to strategic reform

Victoria is embarking on strategic reforms to its emergency management arrangements that are designed to make sure we, as a sector, achieve community focused outcomes.

These changes are being driven by improvements suggested in reviews and inquiries and a focus on learning and improvement within the emergency management sector.

In October 2021, the Victorian Government [1] committed to developing a Sector Outcomes Framework, to measure the sector’s effectiveness in supporting resilient communities and providing reliable, integrated and timely services.

In conjunction, this commitment included developing a roadmap as to how the sector would implement its strategic reform over the coming decade.

The Emergency Management Sector Outcomes Framework (the Framework) and the Strategic Roadmap for Emergency Management in Victoria (the Roadmap) have been prepared in line with the Victorian government outcomes approach and architecture. Figure 1 demonstrates the interconnections between the Framework and the Roadmap, which includes the Strategic Action Plan, in accordance with the Victorian outcomes architecture.

Alignment between the Framework and the Roadmap with the Victorian outcomes architecture, as detailed in Outcomes Reform In Victoria.

Sector Outcomes Framework

Victoria’s Emergency Management Sector Outcomes Framework (the Framework) is a companion document to the Strategic Roadmap

The Framework sets out our shared vision of success for emergency management in Victoria. It translates the vision statement Safer and More Resilient Communities into a clear set of outcomes so we can monitor and report on our collective efforts. The Framework will allow us to understand what’s working and what’s not; so we can adapt, improve and continue to prioritise our investment and resources where they’re needed most.

Emergency Management Strategic Roadmap

The Framework’s outcomes say where we want to get to and form the basis of our Roadmap’s priorities. The Roadmap’s priorities explain how we will focus our attention to achieve the outcomes. Together, they create a pathway for us to meet future challenges and achieve what we need to.

The priorities give government, communities and businesses a focus for our collective effort and are supported by strategic actions. The actions explain what government will do and are set out in the Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan (SAP).

Strategic Action Plan

The SAP is a 3-year rolling plan required under the Emergency Management Act 2013. It is developed by the State Crisis and Resilience Council (SCRC) which provides emergency management policy and strategy advice to the Victorian Government. It will be updated each year and help us navigate the emergency management sector’s emerging challenges and opportunities.

End note

[1] Victorian Government Response to the Review of 10 years of reform in Victoria’s emergency management sector and Inquiry into the 2019–20 Victorian fire season: Phase 1 report (October 2020).