Our vision of success

Our vision for the Victorian emergency management sector is to build Safer and More Resilient Communities.​

Safer and More Resilient Communities represents a future where our communities are best placed to make informed decisions that allow them to meet the challenges they may face.

They are communities that are healthy and knowledgeable, with the ability to assess, monitor and manage risks, while learning new skills and building on past experiences.

People have the capacity to identify problems, establish priorities and act, with the support of good infrastructure and services.

They are also flexible and resourceful with the capacity to accept uncertainty and proactively respond to change.

Building Safer and More Resilient Communities is an ongoing process that will help ensure the people of Victoria are ready for the future.

How we can achieve this

Reducing risks and impacts 

  • Outcome 1: Victoria’s emergency management system reduces the risk and impact of emergencies on communities and our environment.
  • Outcome 2: Victorians are empowered to proactively manage their own emergency risks.
  • Outcome 3: Victorians are actively involved in decisions that affect them.
  • Outcome 4: Victoria invests in the resilience of our infrastructure.

Delivering people-centered programs and services 

  • Outcome 5: Self-determination of Traditional Owners and First Nations Peoples is recognised and supported.

  • Outcome 6: Victorians can access emergency management programs and services that are person-centred, equitable and inclusive.
  • Outcome 7: Victoria’s emergency management system is timely and responsive.
  • Outcome 8: Victorian’s lived experience with emergencies and best practice inform continuous improvement.

Building a sustainable and effective sector

  • Outcome 9: Victorians are supported by a sustainable and agile workforce that represents the people it serves.
  • Outcome 10: Victorians are supported by a workforce that is safe.
  • Outcome 11: Victoria’s arrangements are integrated, responsive and provide clear accountability.
  • Outcome 12: Victorians are supported by a well-resourced and innovative emergency management sector.

Our priorities

  • Priority 1: Work with Victorians to understand and reduce the risk of emergencies.
  • Priority 2: Strengthen our use of data, analytics and intelligence to improve decision making.
  • Priority 3: Support communities to be prepared and recover well after emergencies.
  • Priority 4: Build a sustainable emergency management workforce that represents the people it serves.
  • Priority 5: Strengthen governance arrangements to improve accountability, cooperation and participation.

Actions to achieve our priorities

Actions to achieve our priorities are defined in the Strategic Action Plan (SAP), a 3-year rolling plan to be updated annually in line with the priorities. The SAP is a requirement of the Emergency Management Act 2013.