Where to from here?

Our Roadmap, along with its supporting SAP, offers a clear path for emergency management reform in Victoria. It tells Victorians what we want to achieve over the next 6 years and the steps we’re taking to get there.

We will embed continuous improvement in our ways of working

While it’s important to have a plan, it’s also important to be able to adjust our approach as we learn from new emergencies, monitor activities, evaluate impacts and research new evidence and intelligence. Responses and commitments to Inquiries will be brought together in the SAP, where they align, so we have a single, collective picture of investment and effort.

We will update the SAP each year and review activity so we are always investing effort where it will have the greatest community impact

Our annual review will draw on a clear understanding of our progress as well as the latest state, regional and local risk assessments and intelligence.

A Sector Outcomes Measurement Strategy will be developed, as we introduce the Framework, so we better evaluate performance against our vision and identify issues early. The sector will transition from output-based to outcomes-based reporting within the Strategy’s lifetime.

We will be transparent about our impact

We’ll continue to be transparent about our progress. The Emergency Management Act 2013 requires IGEM to monitor the SAP’s delivery and report on it to the Minister for Emergency Services. These reports will continue to be public.

We will demonstrate our leadership in emergency management

We must work together to reduce risk, plan, prepare, respond and recover, but some risks cannot be managed by individuals and communities. The Victorian Government has primary responsibility and accountability for emergency management and this SAP represents that commitment.

Emergencies don’t respect borders. We’ll continue collaborating at federal, state and territory level, advocating for Victorian interests in national reforms of emergency management that allow us to deliver on our vision of Safer and More Resilient Communities.