Review and update of an emergency management plan

Under section 60AN of the Emergency Management Act 2013 (External link) (EM Act 2013), the preparer of an emergency management plan must ensure that the plan is reviewed as required, and at least every 3 years.

As this is a legislated requirement, it is not possible to seek an extension to the expected review date. It is the responsibility of the preparer of the plan to ensure a review of its plan is completed in accordance with the EM Act 2013.

The purpose of a review of an emergency management plan is to ensure that the plan provides for a current, integrated, coordinated and comprehensive approach to emergency management and to consider the effectiveness of the plan.

After the review of a plan, the relevant preparer may develop an updated emergency management plan. Any updates to an emergency management plan must be approved by the relevant approver before being published, no matter how minor the update.

An emergency management plan is the written evidence of:

  • the planning process and the robust discussions 
  • decisions that have been made to get to that point.

Preparers of plans should carefully consider which aspects of planning are appropriate to outsource and which are best kept internal to member agencies.

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

From 1 December 2020 and in line with the Guidelines for Preparing State, Regional and Municipal Emergency Management Plans, Municipal Emergency Management Plans (MEMPs) and their sub-plans remain in force in their current form until their next update.

During the update, they will be assured and approved in accordance with the EM Act 2013, as amended.

Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committees have up to 3 years from 1 December 2020 to:

  • update their MEMPs and any sub-plans
  • use their existing 3 year rolling schedule for approvals.