Roles and Responsibilities

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The State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) provides arrangements for an integrated, co-ordinated and comprehensive approach to emergency management (EM) at the state level. The Emergency Management Act 2013 (EM Act 2013) requires the SEMP to contain provisions for the mitigation of, response to and recovery from emergencies, and to specify the roles and responsibilities of agencies in relation to EM. 

This section details EM agency roles and responsibilities for: Mitigation, Response (including Relief), and Recovery. It also maps agency roles for core capabilities and critical tasks under the Victorian Preparedness Framework (VPF) for the management of major emergencies. The VPF identifies 21 core capabilities, and subsequent critical tasks for each, that Victoria requires to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from major emergencies. To be effective, the core capabilities are interdependent, co-ordinated and overlap across mitigation, response and recovery.

The organisations listed in this document are those with either broad or state-wide presence, Government organisations, those with a statutory EM involvement and some private corporations with specific roles. The Victorian community receives significant benefit from the EM contributions of a wide range of volunteer groups and organisations whose operations are either quite specialised and/or available mainly in a specific locality. These groups should be identified in relevant municipal and/or regional EM plans, as appropriate.

The tables for the Roles and Responsibilities commence at table 8 (tables 1 to 7 are found in the SEMP) and provide reference for agency roles and responsibilities for specific emergencies, functions or activities, and indicate the VPF’s core capability alignment. See section: Agency Roles and Responsibilities alignment to Victorian Preparedness Framework for more information.

Tables 1 - 7

See State Emergency Management Plan (PDF)

Table 8

Participating agencies for mitigation

Table 9

Response control agencies

Table 10

Response support agencies

Table 11

Relief services and co-ordination

Tables 12 - 15

Recovery co-ordination: social, economic, built and natural environment

Tables 16 - 37

Agency roles and responsibilities mapped to the Victorian Preparedness Framework

Role statements

Agency roles and responsibilities individually outlined

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Published on 30 September 2020